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TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) and Factory Recall Web Site

Information that addresses safety, reliability, performance and comfort related problems with your car. Special warranty provisions and extensions. Fixes for common problems and updated factory repair procedures. Illustrated Diagnosis and Repair Procedures.

Get Full Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) & More


Technical Service Bulletins
Technical Service Bulletins, or TSB's, are notifications from vehicle manufacturers to advise their new car dealers' service departments. TSB content may range from diagnostic and repair procedures for a known vehicle problem to notifying dealerships about new and improved parts, warranty and service manual updates, or to update company policies and procedures.

Recall Notices
Automobile manufacturers issue Official Safety Recall Notices to inform vehicle owners of car defects that have come to the manufacturer's attention. Recalls also suggest improvements that can be made to improve the safety of a particular vehicle. Often this recall work can be performed by your car dealer for free. Knowing what recall notices have been issued on your vehicle helps you keep your vehicle in the best and safest working order.

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